Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is Google playing the Trick in name of algorithm!

Mostly everyone related to Digital Marketing and other too are aware of Google Algorithm and knows about the changes that Google is bringing through regular update.

I was speaking to couple of my clients and would like to share their value feedback, they feel that it has become difficult to find information on Google, i.e the algorithm have become so complex that it doesn't give required results to a customer.


If someone is searching for "Car Dealers in Delhi", the first few listing would show mostly the directories like:

  • Carwale
  • Just Dial
  • Car Dekho
  • Zigwheels
  • Sulekha

This has resulted in low traffic to a dealer or automobile company's website since neither the dealer nor the company can actually compete with these portal because of following reason:

  1. These portals have huge data and number of pages are in thousands.
  2. So technically they have one page for most common type of keywords.
  3. New set of pages and data are being updated every hour/day.
  4. These portal have cumulative information from various car manufacturing company.


  1. Data once updated are usually not updated like dealers address, phone number.
  2. Data are not offend verified too frequently.
  3. They will not list complete information.

Similarly if you are searching for "Website Design Services", you would notice that at least for first 20 to 30 or may be 100 results you will not find one decent company.

  1. Webreinvent
  2. webdesignservices
  3. timothywebdesign
  4. websitedesignghaziabad


  1. Most of these site don't have a portfolio - filled with junk or free template.
  2. Content Quality is pathetic
  3. Don't have any clientele.
  4. If you are sitting in Delhi and looking for a information in USA, it is really difficult to get one.

So my Question is:

  1. What is Google trying to do?
  2. Is Google trying to create market for its Adword so that people shift to Adword, to drive traffic to their website.
  3. Why a small company cannot drive traffic to its website using organic search, even after having good content and architecture?
  4. Increasing the size of the website is the only solution to rank high and traffic through organic search.

Now the big Question is:

How do you drive traffic to a website? When Google is like a big guy, bulling you in a school.

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