Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is Godaddy India pushing customers to Drains to gain more Re-sellers.

I am just wondering is Godaddy trying to push their existing Indian customer to drains. Since after the company shifted its focus to India and started with an Indian operation the service quality have gone down the train.
After almost speaking to Ms Nidhi in March 2014, I today received call from them (YES AFTER 3 MONTHS), Mr Gaurav the executive wanted me to sign for re-seller program, but refused to share pricing, commission etc. My Question is how can you expect someone to sign for a program without knowing details, facts etc.
The support@godaddy.com email is not functional. If you try sending them an email, no one will respond. Secondly, if you look at price the same product would have variable price like I was recently renewing couple of domains (all.com) one had 20% Discount, 35% discount and some had 15% discount.
I had sent several emails to Godaddy but received no response.
So my question is what are they trying to do. Build Customer or Kill Customer. The brand ambassador has no knowledge about domain/hosting, or does the company feel that in India you can sell domain/hosting like selling fairness cream etc.
So now what do existing customer do, when they are clearly ignored. Where do they Go. I don't want to go to Net4India etc. So do we have another choice, please let me know.
Godaddy new mantra for customers from #Godaddy to #Godada to #GotoHell.

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