Sunday, June 15, 2014

Which is the best Sitemap Generator?

If you are looking for optimize your website for search engines the first thing that we need to do is generate a sitemap for the website and submit it to webmaster tool offered by Google or Bing (primary search engines).

Over the years of my experience and search i have found several tools that would help you automatically crawl the website and generate sitemap, but I would recommend following two tools. They are handy and user friendly.


Both are equally good and free, but there are the difference.

XML Sitemaps

  • Free Version support upto 500 page crawl.
  • Don't keep a record of your last generated sitemap.
  • Don't let you set a default priority value.
  • Gives multiple file format of sitemap.

Web Site Map

  • Free Version currently support upto 3500 page crawl.
  • Let you automatically or manually set priority value.
  • Save's your last generated sitemap.
  • Gives only two file format of sitemap.

Quick Points after the sitemap is generated.

  1. Review your sitemap and remove unwanted link and pages.
  2. Check the page priority and modify it as per your preference.
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