Monday, October 11, 2010

FREE JQUERY RSS Feed Reader for Website.

RSS Feed had been a common feature which most of you would like to add either on your blog or website, but finding a right solution is an issue, particularly if you need something for your website. Since for blog like Blogger etc they have extensive list of resource available on the internet.

We were also looking to integrate RSS Feed reader for one of our website and came across this amazing RSS Feed Reader developed by zRSS Feed. This tool is amazing and easy to customize.

Please find herewith the links to know more about the RSS Feed Reader.

Visit RSS Feed Reader Developer's Website

Click to Download RSS Feed Reader Now


Some small tips for you to customize the RSS FEED Reader.

Remove Feed Provider's Name (like Yahoo, Google etc), remove this code from jquery.zrssfeed.min.js
html+='<div class="rssHeader">'+'<a href="''" title="'+feeds.description+'">'+feeds.title+'</a>'+'</div>';

Ensure that on click the link should open in new window.
Add target="_blank" after (<a href="''">)

If you are using other Jquery scripts on your website and its uses jquery.min.js then you don't need to use the following script:

Customize Appearance
Please customize jquery.zrssfeed.css

The main CSS Elements are:
.rssFeed - Uniform Font Size, Font Family, Padding etc

.rssFeed a and hover - Customize this to give your own style to RSS Feed Title.

.rssBody - Use this to customize the body of RSS Feed, like border etc.

.rssRow -  To customize the padding or style of News Row.

.odd  & .even - Create odd and even color difference, looks etc as you would have seen in the demo above.

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