Monday, May 31, 2010

Adobe Talks Future Innovation with Both Flash and HTML5

There were a lot of announcements to take in during Google I/O last week, but among them were some HTML5 efforts from Adobe, illustrating the company's dedication to utilizing the technologies it sees playing significant roles in the future of the web.

Of course a widely publicized tiff between Adobe and Apple over HTML5 and Flash came about from Apple CEO Steve Jobs dismissing Flash, and painting HTML5 as the way of the future, and resulted in Adobe carrying out an ad campaign in response. Adobe made it abundantly clear at Google I/O that HTML5 is very much a part of its plans, and that Flash is as well.

After the keynote in which Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch talked about the company's HTML5 offerings, WebProNews spoke with Adobe Sr. Director of Engineering Paul Gubbay about them, as well as he co-existence of HTML5 and Flash.

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